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Optimization of you gear can be paramount for the result of your next time trial.  A time trial helmet can save you both seconds and watt, and can be what determines your result in the race

What does aerodynamic mean? 

If you replace your gear with something that’s more aerodynamic, it can have a big influence on your next time trial because the gear can save you paramount seconds and crucial energy. Aerodynamic gear as for example a time trial helmet i designed to minimize the wind resistance at much as possible.

One simple rule when it comes to cyclingapperal is, the closer it fits, the lesser will the effect of the wind resistance be. Tight fitting clothes makes sure that the wind will slide off instead of getting caught in the materials and slowing you down. If you want to improve your result in you next time trial a great solution could be investing in a skinsuit. Luckily cyclists of all ages, in tight fitting clothes, has become a common sight on the roads.

Time trial helmet

If you want to save yourself some seconds, a great time trial helmet can be a really good investment as well! The focus of the design behind a professional cycling helmet differentiates a lot. Some helmets are designed with the focus of ventilation so that it’s comfortable to wear in the heat but if your focus is to save yourself seconds of our time, a time trial helmet designed with focus on aerodynamics will be the optimal choice for you. Some time trial helmet models can save you up to 40 seconds on 40 kilometers which can be paramount on a time trial and in a stage race as well  

Small things with big influence 

There is a lot of small adjustments and upgrades you can do which will have a big influence on your performance. For example it can be very important whether you shave your legs or not or if your stem will improve your position on the bike so that it will be as aerodynamic as possible. Another small adjustment that can have big influence on you performance is you shoes. A shoe cover can be a great solution ensuring that the form and the buckles won’t affect your speed. 

We are as always ready to give you guidance to find the best gear for you. To get the most of an aerodynamic design it’s important that it has the right fit and therefore it’s very important that you get the right size. You can find a size guide here on the website and see the selection of aerodynamic gear. You can find yourself a time trial helmet, a skinsuit and shoe covers, ready to use in your next time trial

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