COVID-19 & Tips from ProOwned

Important info about the COVID-19

In connection with the development of COVID-19, and the fact that many authorities worldwide have shut down the public for the next period, we have of course also taken our safety measures at ProOwnedCycling.

The following period

Everyone in our company who has the opportunity to work at home has been sent home. At the same time, only those who work in the operation, handling of packages, returns, etc., stay in our facilities. No items or packages are touched until the hands are disinfected. This applies to both employees and carriers.

Feel safe when shopping with us

We recently got a new agreement with UPS, and with that, we will for the next 2 weeks offer free home delivery with UPS standard on all orders in EU countries above 150 euros. Please note that the virus can survive up to 72 hours on surfaces like plastic (when we ship in plastic bags) and a maximum of 24 hours on cardboards (for when we ship in boxes). We will always disinfect our hands before touching your items and packing in your order, but we hand over all the packages to external couriers. Therefore, please make sure to disinfect your package when you receive it.

Please also be aware that we will not touch our return packages before the 72-hour rule has passed from we receive it.

Cycling and COVID-19

According to the Danish Virologist, Allan Randrup, you should basically stay away from gyms, including spinning centers and other sports, which either require contact with other people or where more people are staying in the same room. Allan also mentions:

"For many in the risk group it can be important to exercise and of course you have to look after it, but then you have to leave the premises".

Good tips before your bike ride

We simply pass on the following advice from the National Board of Health. Use these before your trip to minimize the risk of infection:

  • Wash your hands
  • Stay away from larger groups
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
  • Avoid shaking hands or hug anyone
  • Wash your clothing and accessories
  • Disinfect your online packages and use the 72-hour rule

Stay safe on the road!


Updated regularly

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