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Elite Qubo Power Mag Hometrainer

Elite Qubo Power Mag Hometrainer

    €81,95 EUR
    €273,95 EUR


From direct drive trainers to covers, mats and more, shop the smarttrainer you need to level up your performance on the road. 

Home trainers are becoming increasingly popular these days, and we understand why. They're the perfect supplement to cycling training — especially in the winter and on days with bad weather. 

At CYKOM, shop for top-of-the-line professional home trainers and accessories like home trainer mats and covers. Everything you need to keep peddling when the weather keeps you inside.  

Find top-quality hometrainers and spare parts

A hometrainer or home trainer is a reliable piece of cycling training kit that keeps you in shape throughout the winter. Winter training on a bike can seem daunting due to the changeable weather and freezing outside temps. A home trainer solves that problem by giving you the opportunity for indoor training all year round.

In addition, home trainers (also known as smarttrainers) allow you to ride a road bike as if you were on the road. And you can even bike against other riders in virtual bike races depending on the software and apps you use. 

At CYKOM, we sell top-quality home trainers from the well-known brand Wahoo. Wahoo is a leading brand in home trainers and has developed high-tech and unique solutions used by recreational and pro riders worldwide.

You'll also find a wide range of accessories so you'll have everything you need for indoor bike training.

How does a home trainer work?

There are many different home trainers or smart trainers, and the selection keeps growing.

A home trainer is either a complete training bike (imagine a spinning bike) or a training stand on which you attach your actual bike.

The bike is easily attached by removing the wheel (removing the quick release) and fastening the rear wheel in your home trainer. The bike's rear wheel and chain are now in contact with your home trainer, not the floor/ground. This means that the resistance you have to ride against is that of the home trainer. This resistance can be in the form of liquids or magnetism. It's typically described as a brake that can be strengthened or weakened.

The stronger or weaker you adjust, the more it feels like riding up or downhill. The home trainer can give you the desired intensity and power measurement of your training in the comfort of your own home.

You can experience riding in real-world situations like headwinds, tailwinds, uphill, and downhill. And products such as Kickr Headwind and Kickr Climb give you new options when riding your home trainer.

Most high-quality home trainers connect wirelessly (via Bluetooth connection) to a PC or smartphone and fit most bike types. Programs and apps like Zwift, Bkool, and Strava open the door to even more options. 

Advantages of a home trainer

  • You can use your own set-up road bike
  • You can ride on hilly terrain and bend in your own living room
  • Easy to transport and pack away
  • Practically no noise
  • You can adjust it to your exact workout
  • Connect with training apps (Zwift, Strava, Bkool, etc.)
  • Minimal cleaning

Disadvantages of a home trainer

  • You don't feel the real speed from the road
  • It's a different type of resistance you're riding with
  • No fresh air

Mats and accessories for home trainers

Among the most essential and popular accessories available are mats for home trainers. The mat should be placed under the home trainer and the bike itself. The mats are made of a unique material that stabilizes the equipment so you sit optimally on the bike. In addition, home trainer mats absorb the vibrations of the workout and protect the floor from sweat.

Train with high intensity on a home trainer

A home trainer (smarttrainer) is ideal for high-intensity training. You typically ride in precise, well-defined time intervals. This means that well-planned interval training on your home trainer can be just as practical as outdoor training.

Keep your winter training going

If you want to train in the winter, a home trainer is a must. In addition to the training benefits it gives, you can do it any time of day. From midnight to sunset, there are no limits. 

Hometrainer vs a spinning bike

The difference between a smart bike, hometrainer, exercise bike or spinning bike may seem small, but they're actually crucial details that you should be aware of. 

With a hometrainer, you can adjust it because you use your own bike. The frame's geometry, length and height are familiar to you and fit your body build. It also provides a much more optimal posture while pedalling.

On the other hand, an exercise bike or spinning bike comes in different sizes or settings that you have to get used to. The seating position is different on an exercise bike and a spinning bike, meaning that the riding experience on the bike will be totally different from what you feel on your real road or racing bike. 

Shop for your new home trainer at CYKOM 

Before you buy your new home trainer, ask our cycling pros for their take on what suits you and your indoor riding goals. 

From cycling clothing and accessories to components, bike helmets and framesets, we want to be your cycling partner. Drop us a line and let us help you get the ride you deserve. 

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