How it all started

In Copenhagen, 2015, CYKOM® was founded as "ProOwnedCycling" by Oscar Bjørn-Rosager, Casper Hillstrøm, and Casper Philip Pedersen, who later became a professional cyclist. The idea was to offer Danish cycling exercisers and fans cycling gear sourced directly from the world's greatest professional cycling teams and riders. The founders had been a part of the sport since childhood and discovered that the pro teams were left with excess equipment and clothes that needed replacement due to new sponsors every year.

The founders invented a solution that creates a more sustainable consumption and production pattern in modern cycling. Everyone interested in professional cycling can now get hold of unique and authentic professional cycling gear without costing a fortune. The first ProOwned® cycling clothing sold was from the Danish professional cyclist and co-founder Casper Pedersen. The idea was also the start of a new and sustainable trend in the cycling industry where consumers could support the environment by shopping for second-hand gear.

The concept

As the first and original retailer in world, we were quickly known as the company selling products sourced from the pro teams. We still have our main focus on offering the best ProOwned® Approved products, giving the cycling teams opportunity for income combined with a joint effort towards solving world goal 12.

Today, we have expanded our concept and range offering complementary and value-for-money products from carefully selected brands & partners.

Our mission

Our customers have always been our focus. We want to offer the best gear and professional experience without compromise. We dream that you can get as close as possible to feeling like a pro. Golden moments can happen to everyone - but occurs very rarely. We want to help you achieve the most complete you'll ever feel on a bike.

Our core values

We are professional

We strive to be professional in everything we do

We treat our customers as friends

We wish to build friendly relationships with our customers

We eager to improve

We always strive to do better and take feedback seriously

Why shop with us?

Our idea is simple: we offer easy access to first-class cycling gear. In this way, we can create joy for a lot of cycling enthusiasts and fans. At the same time, we add unique value to the pro teams, the sponsors, and not least the cycling industry, which we also want to revolutionize.

Oscar Bjørn-Rosager & Casper Hillstrøm,

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