Achieving my dream of turning my passion and hobby into my profession

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“In the year 2017 I was with a smaller Danish team called Giant-Castelli. We had an amazing group of guys and we were winning races in every period of the season. It was truly enjoyable being part of this team, even though we didn’t have a massive budget. We had something else, we had a super teamwork and a bunch of motivated guys eager to go win races and support each other in doing so.”

“I had my best season so far as well in that team”

“I started out being 2nd in the U23 version of Rund um Finanzplats which was the first time that season we got to race against the best guys in Europe on the U23 level. Shortly after that I managed to win a stage in the race Fleche du Sud and that was when I started believing that I could maybe attract attention from some of the bigger international teams and have a professional contract the next year.”

“The good results continues”

“I kept going well and my motivation never fainted. At the European championships that year, I remember having a meeting with my Agent the day before. He said to me, if you win tomorrow, you’re turning pro next year. We laughed a little bit, because winning the European championships isn’t something you just go out and do.“

“A dream comes true”

“A bit surprisingly to me, I was flying the next day when the race unfolded, and I ended out winning the race. I’m still struggling to mention a time where I’ve been happier of achieving a goal I’ve set. It wasn’t something I was expecting, but I allowed myself to dream big.”

“That was when I started having a dialogue with the Irish Team Aqua Blue Sport. It had a friend of mine in the team as well, Lasse Norman Hansen, and a Danish sports director Nicki Sørensen. It seemed like a really nice team, and with the two Danes to guide me as a Neo-pro into the world of professional cycling, I wasn’t really in doubt that I wanted pull on the Aqua blue sport jersey in 2018."

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