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Cycling shoes

Cycling shoes

Whether you’re road cycling, mountain biking, gravel biking, or commuting to the office, shop top-quality cycling shoes for a more efficient and powerful ride. 

You have the bike and the gear. Now it's time to pedal right with top-quality cycling shoes. At CYKOM, you'll find a growing range of biking shoes purchased directly from professional cycling teams, making them the best cycling shoes in the world. Each with a unique story to tell. 

Cycling shoes for racing bikes

Do we need to say how important proper footwear is for cycling? We'll do it anyway. Comfortable fit and top-quality materials are a must for anyone who wants to take their cycling training and cycling seriously.

Cycling shoes must fit well and ensure a good and secure grip on cleats and pedals. We stock cycling shoes that provide that comfortable and safe pedalling experience. That means you can cycle for hours without having cramped toes and sore ankles. 

Cycling shoes for women and men

We carry both women's and men's cycling shoes in our arsenal. Before you buy, make sure that each pair of cycling shoes fits perfectly. Focus on the width, too. 

From there, the sky's the limit. From mountain bike shoes to road cycling shoes, we have cycling shoes for men and women that match every style and give you the breathability you need to stay on the road longer. But don't let breathability fool you, we also offer shoes that breathe and still keep your toes warm in frigid conditions. Everything you need to pedal in comfort — we have it in stock. 

And we have shoes for men and women from the world's top brands: 

Giro cycling shoes

Giro is one of the most well-known brands in cycling shoes. Not just any old cleats, either. They manufacture shoes trusted and worn by some of the world's best cyclists and teams in some of the biggest races.

We also recommend Shimano and Northwave, leading brands right up there with the elite cycling shoes from Giro. Before you buy, ask our team of cycling pros to help you narrow down the choices and get the exact fit you need. 

Find the best cycle shoes and more at CYKOM 

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, we have everything you need to improve your performance and reach your goals.

Our selection of cycling shoes includes top-of-the-line options from leading brands like Shimano, Giro and Nrothwave. From shoes for flat pedals, platform pedals and clipless pedals, you'll get total comfort, support, and maximum power transfer. And you'll get the perfect fit, for all types of riding.

Looking for a total cycling kit upgrade? You're in the right place. Shop our growing range of everything your cycling adventure needs. From handlebars, road bikes and cycling clothing to bottle cages, feed bags and chainrings, find it all with us. And if you're looking for merch from your favourite WorldTour team, it's here, too. 

At CYKOM, we 100% understand the importance of having the right equipment to achieve your cycling goals. That's why we work hard to offer the best selection of products at the most competitive prices. Browse our collection today and see why we are your go-to source for all things cycling.