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BIB shorts winter

XS ( 9 )
S ( 7 )
M ( 5 )
L ( 1 )
S/Mareczko ( 1 )
XS/Antunes ( 1 )
XS/De La Parte ( 1 )
Women ( 3 )
Men ( 2 )
Unisex ( 6 )
Black ( 8 )
Blue ( 3 )
Yellow ( 5 )
Essentials ( 1 )
ProOwned Approved ( 10 )
Brand new ( 11 )
Assos ( 1 )
Etxeondo ( 2 )
Giordana ( 5 )
Sportful ( 2 )
Vermarc ( 1 )
Deceuninck - Quick-Step ( 1 )
Mitchelton-Scott Women ( 2 )
Mitchelton–Scott ( 3 )
NTT Pro Cycling ( 1 )
Team CCC ( 2 )
Team Virtu Cycling ( 1 )
Team Waoo ( 1 )
2018 ( 2 )
2019 ( 5 )
2020 ( 3 )
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BIB shorts winter

Do you need a new pair of high-quality BIB knickers at competitive prices? Our winter cycling shorts are purchased directly from professional cycling teams that participate in major races like the Tour De France and Giro d'Italia. At ProOwnedCycling, you can buy knickers, winter cycling shorts with padding, and BIB shorts from top brands like Craft, Assos, Castelli, and many more.

See our entire range of cycling shorts and BIB shorts here on this page.

Winter cycling shorts and BIB knickers

BIB shorts are cycling shorts with suspenders. The word "BIB" stands for suspenders, while the shorts have a comfortable and supportive pad that protects you from discomfort during bike rides. Cycling shorts with padding and BIB shorts are, therefore, particularly good - in fact, crucial for your riding pleasure - if you're going on long rides, endurance races, or other cycling events where you'll be in the saddle for an extended period.

A pair of BIB shorts and suspenders are, therefore, one of the most important pieces of cycling clothing because cycling shorts are in contact with the saddle and move with you as you pedal. This means that you should always choose cycling shorts that are comfortable to ride in for many hours.

Cycling shorts are often not the right place to save money - the joy of riding and cycling experiences do not go well with a sore behind and chafing.

Always choose winter cycling shorts with good padding

When choosing your new cycling shorts and BIB shorts, look for a pair with an exceptionally high-quality pad and ones made of snug and comfortable materials that allow your skin to breathe while wicking away sweat, thereby regulating your body temperature.

These factors are particularly important when it comes to cycling shorts, and it's a quality we always guarantee since the professional cycling shorts in our range are among the best BIB shorts on the market. By choosing cycling shorts from us, you get a pair that matches what the biggest cycling stars ride in every day, and all at sharp and very competitive prices. We take pride in offering the best cycling shorts for both professionals and amateurs - at prices everyone can afford.

Find a pair of thermal shorts for every need

The most important reasons to choose high-quality cycling shorts from us are:

  • Reduces wind resistance and increases aerodynamics.
  • Protects the skin from irritation and friction with the bike saddle.
  • Supports and protects the genital area.
  • Separates sweat from the body and cools you down by evaporation.
  • Acts as compression and increases recovery.
  • Increases body flexibility and leg strength.
  • Increases your comfort on long rides, thanks to an excellent pad.

There are many different types of cycling shorts and BIB shorts, both with and without padding, and many models designed for both hot and cold weather. If you're going to participate in specific types of races and in certain terrains, it's always a good idea to find a pair of cycling shorts that suits that particular race. This could include:

  • Road cycling
  • Mountain biking
  • Time trials

You can also take a closer look at skinsuits and speedsuits if you're going for a fast time trial or track cycling.

Cycling shorts for winter for men and women

Traditionally, cycling shorts were developed for men, but since the 1980s, a wide range of cycling shorts for women has also been developed. Today, there is an incredibly vast selection of both men's and women's models, perfect for both experienced riders and beginners. If you want to know more about BIB shorts and the many different types of cycling shorts, you can read our guide to choosing the best cycling shorts.

Brands within thermal shorts

There are an incredible number of brands that produce cycling shorts with padding and BIB shorts. Here is a list of some of the brands we sell:

- Alé
- Assos
- Castelli
- Craft
- Oakley
- Sportful

Buy professional winter cycling shorts at unbelievable prices

ProOwnedCycling has a mission to spread professional cycling clothing and equipment to cycling enthusiasts all around the world. This means that we offer our cycling shorts and BIB shorts at prices as friendly as possible. Furthermore, since all our products are purchased from professional cycling teams, our selection consists only of the best products on the market.

Please note that we may have a limited number of some models. We ensure that our cycling shorts come with the best possible padding to provide you with comfort for many years.

Winter cycling shorts

You also have the option to find winter and thermal cycling shorts with us. Our winter BIB shorts are made of extra thick and well-insulating materials. See the selection here.

An alternative to winter wardrobe is leg warmers (separate legs and separate knees), which we also have a selection of - always in top professional quality from the biggest brands. See the selection here.

Long cycling pants

In addition to cycling knickers, we also have a range of the market's best long cycling pants.

Find cheap cycling shorts in our outlet

In addition to the models on this page, we also have many different types of products in our cycling outlet, where you can find cheap BIB shorts, helmets, socks, and much more. There is always a wide selection at a great price that you can take advantage of.

We are happy to provide advice and guidance on cycling shorts

If you need help finding the right cycling shorts and BIB shorts at the right price, it can sometimes be challenging to find the product that suits your needs and expectations.

That's why we want to offer you in-depth advice on your next purchase of cycling shorts.

Together, we can figure out what will give you the most satisfaction with the product. If you need advice and support, you are more than welcome to contact us here.