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"My name is Casper Pedersen and I am currently riding for the World Tour team, Team Sunweb.

I will be writing a few blogpost together with ProOwnedCycling and tell my story from when I started the company back in 2015 with Oscar Bjørn-Rosager until today.

My goal with these blogposts is to give relevant and interesting stories and inspire the readers to ride and enjoy cycling as a sport.

I am also motivated to take the reader into the world of cycling and to create a bigger understanding of the profession amongst cycling enthusiasts and fans of the sport."

Entrepreneurship, the Olympic games and lots of travelling

"The story of ProOwnedCycling started when Oscar and I were just 19 years old, we both shared the passion of cycling and I was still active as a track- and road cyclist. At the time I was fully committed to the track, with a goal of going the the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro with the Danish Team Pursuit team. That took a lot of time and focus for me, travelling around 200 days a year for training camps and competitions all around the world.

I've been cycling since I was 12 years old, and combined track cycling and road cycling from the beginning. When I was a junior cyclist (U19) I won the world championships in omnium and was second in the U19 Paris-Roubaix.

Oscar and I first met each other when we were both riding for the local cycling club DCR Ballerup. We quickly became friends sharing the passion of cycling and later on entrepreneurship as well."

Founding ProOwnedCycling 

"The idea of starting a company like ProOwnedCycling came after Oscar had stopped cycling and I was still riding and continuing my career.
I had a lot of clothes from my team that was no longer usable for me since I received a new set off clothes for the new season with different sponsors and designs.

I asked him if he would help me sell it, and we could share the profit. The thought then came to us - if I was in this situation and he was able to give the clothing new life to another cyclist, who was happy to get hands on top quality clothing for a percentage of the normal price, we could start doing this service for other professionals as well. That was when we decided to start the company.

We were both very young and unexperienced in entrepreneurship and what it takes. We both had a massive interest in starting our own company and making it a success, so we just went in to it full of motivation and learned as we went."

Keep yourself updated

"In the next few blogposts I will tell the story of how my career went on from there, and also include recent stories from my season and the races I will be competing in. Sign up for the newsletter and stay tuned!"

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